Shifa University

Publicity Directorate

Publicity Directorate

Publicity Department

There is a department by the name of Publicity Department in the frame work of Shifa Institute of Higher Education.

There is also a magazine by the name of Shifa Magazine which is published every month and contains several issues like; science, arts, politics and many more. Recently this institute has been publishing some teaching books which are related to the lecturers of this institute.

Some published books are:

  1. Physical test and internal diseases
  2. Worshiping and its philosophy
  3. Islamic Perspective
  4. Ethical Organization
  5. Islamic Civilization

Publishing department of Shifa Institute of Higher Education holds some programs for the toppers and grants them some gifts and also celebrates some programs of appreciation for lecturers at the end of every semester.

Objectives of Publishing Department

  1. Motivation and strengthening of publishing section.
  2. Presenting of continues services for medical students and medical teams.

Job Description of Publishing Department Head

  1. Performing of all publishing work of faculties and this institute.
  2. Collection and making contents of articles and books which are being taught here at Shifa Institute of Higher Education.
  3. Holding of evaluation committee for academic and scientific purposes.
  4. Publishing of research and scientific magazine.
  5. Publishing of teaching books, chapters, lecture notes and other documents.
  6. Holding of all cultural programs at Shifa Institute hall.
  7. Making long term plans for the capacity of this department.
  8. Performing of all affairs which are related to this department.