Shifa University

VP Of Student Affair

VP Of Student Affair

Introduction of Scholars Affairs General Directorate

The general directorate of Scholars Affairs of Shifa Institute of Higher Education is developed for the implementing of strategic management for students participation in training and learning programs.

This directorate is one of the important and essential part of institute which has direct link with students to fulfill their needs and manage them properly.

The General Directorate of students’ affair is providing and printing the ID cards for the enhancement of discipline in this institute.

The frame work of this directorate has some sub-directorates of administrations which are as follow;

  1. Scholar Affairs Management
  2. Training System Management
  3. Students Empowerment Center
  4. Counseling Center
  5. Practical Working Center
  6. Team Administration
  7. And, Students’ Chart

There are also the committee of security and discipline which are working under the supervision of the General Directorate of Scholars’ Affairs. This directorate has tried to have the relationship with students in sports programs. And finally, as the last important aspect of this directorate we can say that; training of students in different courses like English, computer, debates and some game or sports matches.

Job Description

  1. Making of weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.
  2. Leading and managing of sub departments.
  3. Making of policies which are related to scholars’ affairs.
  4. Controlling of diploma distribution, transcript distribution, exams results and ID card.
  5. Controlling and evaluation of students’ documents.
  6. Supervision of discipline and implementing of rules and regulations.
  7. Supervision and controlling of students’ enrolment in different faculties.
  8. Supervision and controlling of postponing and time changing of students from one class to another.
  9. Supervision and controlling of class distribution for students.
  10. Making and implementing of timetables for per semester.
  11. Guiding and evaluation of sports activities.
  12. Cooperation and guidance with cultural councils.
  13. Controlling and supervision of results of graduate students.
  14. Organizing and caring from academic conferences for students.
  15. Performing of all duties based on Students’ General Directorate.

Biography of Mr. Shafiullah Aizaam!

Mr. Shafiullah Aizaam was born in the year 1989 in Maidan Wardak province. He has completed his primary and secondary school in his village and later on left the province for Kabul city.

His High school period was in Mahmood Hotaki High School from 2005 till 2007. In 2008 he was enrolled in Kabul University in the faculty of Agriculture, and in 2011 he graduated from the mentioned university.

Then in 2013 he started working in ministry of Agriculture Irrigation & Livestock for about three years. In addition to the mentioned job, he was busy in teaching English in different educational centers during his schooling at university and working time that Muslim English Language Institute was one of them.

In 2018 he was introduced for the scholarship of master’s program to India through ministry of agriculture, and in that year he left the country for India.

In June 2018 he completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Osmania International University, Hyderabad-India.