Shifa University

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs office

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs office

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs office at Shifa Institute of Higher Education was established to implement strategic management for students' involvement in training and learning programs.

By offering programs and services that support students' academic progress, personal growth, well-being, and success, the Division of Student Affairs enhances the Institute's commitment to teaching, research, and service. We develop lifelong leaders and learners who understand and value the dignity of persons and communities because we are committed, caring, and collaborative.


Biography of Mr. Mohammad Hamid Akbari, The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Mohammad Hamid Akbari is the current Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs of the Shifa Institute of Higher Education. He was born in 1993 in the province of Wardak to a Pashtun family. Spending his early years in Wardak province, he went on to attend Langar high school in Chak-e-Wardak District. For his Bachelor’s degree, He attended the Kandahar University of Afghanistan for the Faculty of Economics. In 2012 he was enrolled in the mentioned university, and in 2016 he graduated from the university. he authored several academic articles and managerial publications.

 After his Bachelor’s degree, he started working for Afghanistan Commercial Bank (ACB). In 2017, he joined as an Economic Analyst of the Ministry of Urban Development and Land – MUDL. While working for the MUDL, in 2018 he left Afghanistan after winning a scholarship to study for a Master’s degree in Business administration at Yazd University in Iran. In 2020 he completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Yazd University, Yazd-Iran.