Shifa University

VP of Academic

VP of Academic

Academic Deputy of Shifa Institute of Higher Education


Mr. Abdulbari Khpalwak son of Mr. Abdul Hameed has been born in Maidan Wardak province in an educational and religious family.

He started his primary and secondary school at Ghazi Abdul Kabir Khan high school in 1377 Hijri.

In 1388 Hijri, he entered in general entry test of universities and found the way to Kabul Educational University.

He started Chemistry Department in science faculty of the mentioned university. He started the faculty in 1389 Hijri and graduated from that faculty in 1392 Hijri from the mentioned university.

In 1392 Hijri he was selected as the executive manager at Jamia Complex Medical Institute and after a while he was chosen as academic manager that Institute.

Beside of administrative affairs he was teaching chemistry subject in this institute. In 1393 he was taken a test as university lecturer by ministry of Higher Education. And after the result he was chosen as a cadre degree lecturer and was introduced to Shifa Institute of Higher Education as the lecturer of Chemistry subject.

In addition to his lecturing he was chosen as Academic Deputy at Shifa Institute of Higher Education.

Mr. Abdulbari Khpalwak also has some academic work as writing some research work in Shifa monthly magazine.

Some works are:

  1. Atomic Testing and its effect on environment
  2. Atomic Energy
  3. General Chemistry
  4. Analytic Chemistry


Job Description of Academic Deputy


  1. Performing of chancellor’s jobs during his absence.
  2. Performance report to board of directors.
  3. Cooperation with chancellor in academic affairs.
  4. Academic consulting to the authorities.
  5. Leading of academic affairs.
  6. Leading of research affairs.
  7. Supervision of publicity department.
  8. Necessary performances during hiring and firing.
  9. Developing of standard academic criteria.
  10. Evaluation of curriculum.
  11. Revision of plans.
  12. Supervision of implemented curriculum.
  13. Proposing of academic calendar.
  14. Enrichment of library.
  15. Performance of all duties and responsibilities which are offered by the chancellor related to the job.