Shifa University



Shifa Institute of Higher Education is one of the best institution which has been known among all the nation in the country which has been serving for the youth in the field of higher education and private sector.
As the development of political, social, cultural and over all every aspect of life is depended to knowledge and education, so this institute activates for the sake of above mentioned points. And further to that, based on the article no. 46 of constitution; Shifa Institute of Higher Education is permitted by Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan to have the four below standard

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Stomatology
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Law & Political Science
In addition to the above faculties, this institute has one standard teaching hospital which is included with medical labs, 24 hour open pharmacy. Besides that, this institute has got a temporary library and computer lab which is armed with updated books both as a hard and soft or digital library.

History of Shifa Institute of Higher Education

Based on the article No. 46 of constitution of Afghanistan and Act No.18 of ministers’ council in 2010, this institute was built in the year 2014 by Mr. Dr Mirwias Elmy for developing of higher education in the country.

Objectives of Shifa Institute of Higher Education

Shifa Institute of Higher Education has the below priorities:

Seeking of Almighty Allah’s blessing and serving for this nation and country.
Training of students in a standard educational area.
Practical Training of students.
Presenting of selected programs based on national and Islamic values.
Training of loyal and purposeful youths to the country.
Supporting and motivation of students in different fields like; research, educational, translation, writing, publishing and capacity building.
Transferring of technology, expansion of economy surviving of Afghan culture and its rehabilitation.
Expansion of academic relations through sharing experiences and educational centers both national and international.