Shifa University



The faculty of pharmacy

Shifa Institute of Higher Education was built in 1393 Hijri, and for the first time this institute had two faculties; stomatology and Law & Political Science.

After struggling a lot the leading delegation toke another measure and opened another faculty for the great people of this country and that was the faculty of Pharmacy in 1395 Hijri.

At present this faculty has 26 classes at three different times. There are 52 lecturers and 789 students in different semesters.

The students can do their practical work in different labs like:

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Pharmacy Chemic
  5. Pharmaceutics
  6. Bio-chemistry
  7. Microbiology
  8. Anatomy
  9. Physiology
  10. Hematology

Academic Management

Mr. Ihsanullah Ihsan son of Mr. Sheen Gul was born in 1373 Hijri in Maidan wardak province. He studied his primary and secondary studies at Baghak High school.

In 1390 Hijri he participate in general university entry test. During this year he started his B.Sc at Sheikh Zahid university- Khost province in the faculty of natural science, biology and chemistry department.

And in 1394 Hijri he got the bachelor degree from the mentioned university.

At the end he joined Shifa Institute of Higher Education as a lecturer and academic manager and he has been serving here for about two years.