Shifa University



Stomatology faculty of Shifa Institute of Higher Education

There are many families who are living in villages and do not access to health facilities. As many residents are treated traditionally without hygienic that causes may infectious diseases like; viruses and tuberculosis.  Amongst the problems the one is dental and mouth disease which is cured by non-professional people.

By other hand in many cities of our beloved country Afghanistan, there are some dental technicians and prothesis who have followed two year institute are not too expert to solve this problem.

By caring to stomatology till now just one faculty is open in Kabul Medical University in Afghanistan, and the graduate stomatology students are not sufficient to cover all the places and present their services especially in remote areas of the country.

So, Shifa Institute of Higher Education was inaugurated in 2014 by Dr. Mirwais Elmy. This Institute has four faculties; Curative Medicine, Stomatology, pharmacy, Law and political Science.

Stomatology Faculty Frame Work

  1. Dean of Faculty
  2. Academic Manager
  3. Academic Officer
  4. Heads of Departments
  5. Cadre Members

Stomatology Departments

The faculty of stomatology according to curriculum has the following departments:

  1. Physics and Bio-Physics Department
  2. Chemistry Department
  3. Biology and Genetics Department
  4. Anatomy Department
  5. English Department
  6. Histology Department
  7. Islamic Studies Department
  8. Biochemistry Department
  9. Physiology Department
  10. General Internal Department
  11. General Surgery Department
  12. General Maternal Department
  13. ESN Department
  14. Skin Department
  15. Pathology Department
  16. Pharmacology Department
  17. Urology Department
  18. Radiology Department
  19. Neurology Department
  20. Micro Biology Department
  21. Internal Stomatology Department
  22. Face and Mouth Surgery Department
  23. Preventive and Public Health Department
  24. Medical Ethics Department
  25. Dental Orthopedic Department
  26. Child Stomatology Department
  27. Anesthesia Department
  28. Periodontology Department
  29. Traumatology Department

Mission of Stomatology Faculty

Training of loyal and specialist medical team for stomatology diseases and patients admit for better medical services which concludes high and standard criteria. And this team honestly serves the people of this society.

Vision of Stomatology Faculty

Stomatology faculty of Shifa Institute of Higher Education wants to be the first and top faculty in the country. This faculty jointly works with honest and well-wisher team for overcoming the dental problems in the society.

Objectives of Stomatology Faculty

  1. Treatment, controlling and helping to patients.
  2. Standard health services for patients.
  3. Maximum utilization from professional team.
  4. Promotion the level of education.
  5. Medical sovereignty in the country and extension of medical studies.
  6. Prevention of medical and ethical corruption.
  7. Legal defense from the rights of patients and doctors.