Procurement Directorate

Procurement Department of Shifa Institute of Higher Education


Procurement department is running under the supervision of administration and finance department. The main goal of this department is to control and coordinate all affairs of procurement and logistics based on institute rules and regulations for better services.


The department of procurement is working in two sections:

  1. Purchasing and logistics
  2. Contracts


Purchasing Department


This department is working based on the needs of Shifa Institute of Higher Education. As the purchasing starts from proposing to administrative and finance department and later on to finance section to allot the specific amount of money for purchasing and logistics.




  1. Having contract with press for marketing and publishing.
  2. Having contract with radio and televisions for marketing.
  3. Having contract with internet companies.
  4. Having contract with some companies for providing stationaries.


Job Description of Procurement Department


  1. Making of plans based on administration and finance department.
  2. Controlling and evaluation of purchasing.
  3. Evaluation of inventory at the end of the year.
  4. Supervision of purchasing bills and bidding.
  5. Making of plans for proposals to the related directorates.
  6. Costs awareness from different markets.
  7. Logistics controlling.