Faculty of Law and Political Science

Introduction of Dean

Mr. Mohammad Wasil Shrafat has been born in 1361 Hijri in and educational and knowledgeable family in Wardak Province- Chak District.

From very beginning and childhood he was interested in learning and studying, as he had stated his primary studies in Masjid before went to school.

He was six years old when he enrolled at Alabik School from first class till fourth class with first position.

Later on he was changed to Karim Shaheed high school and he studied there till grade eight by having first and second positions.

After that he started his school at Omar ul Farooq high school till graduation time from twelve grade.

In 1380 Hijri he entered to Kabul University in Law and Political Science faculty and in 1384 Hijri he graduated from the mentioned faculty and university.

Soon after graduation from university he started some jobs in different provinces and different organizations like; INLTC, IDLO and USAID.

Currently he is busy with some private universities like; Tawat and Shifa to serve the youths in this regard.

He has been granted with some famous medal both in previous government and present government.