Introduction of Shifa Institute of Higher Education’s chancellor


Mr. Dr Mirwais Elmy son of Mr. Alif khan is the resident of Chardihee village, Said Abad district Maidan Wardak-Afghanistan.

He has been come to the world in a religious and knowledgeable family in 1357 Hijri. He has studied the elementary studies from Masjid and at primary school in his village. His secondary studies was at Khalid Bin Walid School and had the top position in his class in Wardak Province. In the year 1379 Hijri he participated in general entry test for university and successfully entered at Kabul Medical University, faculty of curative medicine.

In the year 1387 Hijri he enrolled in Urology specialization and after five years he achieved his specialization in the mentioned field.  He has been days and night in different private and public hospitals for serving the nation.

He also built a medical institute by the name of Jamia Complex in 1390 Hijri which has five


  1. Pharmacy
  2. Medical Technology
  3. Prothesis
  4. Midwifery
  5. Nursing

Dr. Mirwais Elmy did not stop his attempts for struggling against ignorance and illiteracy, as he built an institute of higher education which is ruling under the supervision of ministry of higher education of Afghanistan. This institute of higher education was built in 1393 Hijri by the name of Shifa Institute of Higher Education which has thousands of students in three different faculties as; Stomatology, Pharmacy and Law & Political Science.


Job Description of University Chancellor

  1. Delegation from Shifa Institute of Higher Education.
  2. Supervising of academic councils.
  3. Controlling and evaluation of implemented issues which have been mentioned in Memorandum and Act of the Institute for higher education.
  4. Protection from all actions which are opposite to the rules and regulations.
  5. Necessary performances for recruitment and termination of employees.
  6. Securing of rules and discipline at Institute.
  7. Leading and evaluation of finance and administrative affairs.
  8. Developing of necessary measures for better research in this institute of higher education.
  9. Controlling of different academic plans.
  10. Making of good relationship with foreign academic centers.
  11. Having research projects for the students.
  12. Utilization of institute incomes in a better and developing ways.
  13. Cooperation among the faculties.
  14. Reporting the performances to board of directors.
  15. Performing all the duties which is being allotted based on the job description.

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Library Department

Shifa Institute of Higher Education has a standard library which has thousands volume of books for different faculties.

This library is open from 6 am to 7 pm every day for students and lecturers. There are many types of book like; Islamic books, social books, political books, cultural books, medical books and pharmaceutical books.

Besides that, this library is mobilized with internet for digital and online books from different book stores.

Publicity Department

There is a department by the name of Publicity Department in the frame work of Shifa Institute of Higher Education.

There is also a magazine by the name of Shifa Magazine which is published every month and contains several issues like; science, arts, politics and many more. Recently this institute has been publishing some teaching books which are related to the lecturers of this institute.

Some published books are:

  1. Physical test and internal diseases
  2. Worshiping and its philosophy
  3. Islamic Perspective
  4. Ethical Organization
  5. Islamic Civilization

Publishing department of Shifa Institute of Higher Education holds some programs for the toppers and grants them some gifts and also celebrates some programs of appreciation for lecturers at the end of every semester.

Objectives of Publishing Department

  1. Motivation and strengthening of publishing section.
  2. Presenting of continues services for medical students and medical teams.

Job Description of Publishing Department Head

  1. Performing of all publishing work of faculties and this institute.
  2. Collection and making contents of articles and books which are being taught here at Shifa Institute of Higher Education.
  3. Holding of evaluation committee for academic and scientific purposes.
  4. Publishing of research and scientific magazine.
  5. Publishing of teaching books, chapters, lecture notes and other documents.
  6. Holding of all cultural programs at Shifa Institute hall.
  7. Making long term plans for the capacity of this department.
  8. Performing of all affairs which are related to this department.

Services of Shifa Institute of Higher Education

  1. Having of thousands books for different studying fields.
  2. Free Wi Fi internet for the students.
  3. Standard and mobilized labs.
  4. Mobilized stomatology clinic.
  5. Photo copying facilities inside the Institute.
  6. Existing of café inside the institute.
  7. Stationary along with printing facilities.
  8. Active elevator for all students especially for disables.
  9. Acting court for law students.
  10. Teaching hospital.
  11. Granting of gifts for intelligent and top students.
  12. Separate building and classes for female students.