Human Resource Directorate

Human Resource Management


The management of Human resource of Shifa Institute of Higher Education has four sub-management which are:

  1. Recruitment Management
  2. Capacity Building Management
  3. Performance Appraisal Management
  4. Attendance Management


Recruitment Management


The recruitment process is started from announcing the vacant position and then shortlisting of qualified candidates, and then giving the written and oral tests.

When a qualified candidate passes the tests and selected for a position then he/she join the position for two weeks to be checked by supervisors. Later that the new candidates who are employed newly are contracted for one year.


Capacity Building Management  


Capacity building section is one of the important part of any organization to train the employees for better performances.


Training of employees is done in two phases:

  1. Before joining the position which occurs rarely.
  2. During performing which occurs a lot.

It is worth mentioning that training of employees is starting form distribution of Training Needs Assessment TNA forms. And after that every employee fills the form and they write their needs for training.


Performance Appraisal Management


Employees’ performance appraisal is categorized in two phases;

  1. Quarterly
  2. Annual

Performance appraisal is done based on employees’ plan and job description. First of all the appraisal form is distributed among the staff and then the employees mark themselves, and after that the line manager mark his/her employees and at the general director mark the employees.

After completion an employee is faced with four positions;

  1. Appreciation with increment of salary
  2. Increment of salary
  3. Introduction of an employee to a training for capacity building.
  4. Termination of an employee and announcing his/her position.


Attendance Management


Preparing attendance book or log book for daily presence for one month and recording leave letters, sickness letter, controlling and evaluation of the book.

Attendance management makes the report of all staff and submit it to finance department for monthly payment.